Pain Management Hypnotherapy can help control pain.

If you suffer from chronic pain, or temporary pain from an injury, pain management hypnotherapy may help keep your pain down to manageable levels. It is a useful complement to other therapies, and is clinically proven to help reduce reliance on pain medication, amongst other benefits.

Hypnosis is a relaxed state of attentive concentration that allows your conscious, critical mind to rest temporarily so that you can be receptive to positive thoughts that help you to feel more comfortable.

In this relaxed state, you are helped to use your own imagination to change your experience in a way that is pleasant for you. So, you gain more control over the pain helping you focus away from the discomfort and to refocus on comfort.


– can reduce the emotional impact of chronic pain,

– strengthen your coping skills,

-relieve tension and stress,

-teach you ways to alter and transform the pain sensations, helping you reduce the ‘suffering component’ of having chronic pain.

Hypnotherapy works best for medically diagnosed physical pain.

Hypnotherapy has found to be effective in managing a wide variety of pain including:

Neuralgia, Post-Operative pain, Burns, Toothache, as well as pain associated with disorders such as Rheumatoid Arthritis, MS and Cancer.

Also has been successful in assisting with childbirth pain.


Contact Maureen to make an appointment for a confidential consultation, your particular condition is looked at in detail and a treatment plan designed to deal with that pain.

Remember, some pain may be inevitable, but suffering is optional.