Hypnotherapy is about wanting positive results and working together as a team.  The following are just some of the many issues that this can help.

  • Weight control and eating disorders
  • Stop smoking
  • Self esteem
  • Attitude change
  • Self confidence
  • Anxiety issues, depression, grief
  • Motivational training, memory training
  • Insomnia (sleep disorder)
  • Fears and phobias
  • Pain control

What results to expect?

In most cases a reduction in negative feelings, increased positiveness and insights plus a sense of relief even after one session.  Usually 2 to 3 sessions for best results but it all depends on the issue.


Mobile consultations can be organised in the comfort of your home, but a quiet and peaceful space is essential.  Please call for a free no obligation quote 0407 217 324.


Programs can be tailored to your INDIVIDUAL NEEDS.

Hummingbird Hypnotherapy is bound by confidentiality, codes of ethics and client safety at all times.

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